Enterprise and economic development comprise of wide range of services for micro to medium scale enterprise development. Identifying livelihood opportunities and projects, attitude change, entrepreneurship training, business planning, business consultancy services to name a few.

Business Edge™ (BE) training program provides an array of opportunities for IIDT to serve a larger community of Small and Medium Enterprises in developing economies. Business Edge™ strengthens IIDT to capitalize on local experience with international cooperation. Business Edge™ provide solutions to wide range of management issues faced by SMEs; a sector actively contributing towards corporate values chains and have a potential for development. Strengthening financial skills for instance is a locally developed Business Edge™ training module to enhance capacities of micro entrepreneurs covering farmers and general entrepreneurs.

BE has 52 different modules under 7 broader areas namely:

  • Marketing   Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • General and Operations
  • Management Personal
  • Productivity Skills
  • Tourism
  • Micro Enterprise Dev.


Governance and Participation

Demand for good governance and community participation in political and policy arena continues to be in existence. International relations for improvement of nations and their communities demand government institutions to devise methodologies to increase community participation in decision making and development of policy measure to safeguard vulnerable communities. IIDT has earned immense reputation by implementing the Supporting Regional Governance (SuRG) project funded by USAID. The project that holistically address the necessity of improving governance in the rejuvenating Eastern Province and continued to support a similar project in the Nothern Province. Participatory Planning, Office Management, Finance and Accounting Management, Project Proposal Development, Project Cycle Management, Participatory Governance, Leadership and Legislature are some of areas among others which are covered under this unique project.

Organizational Development

Organidsational Development(OD) include staff training, change management related to management reform. OD also includes conducting participatory strategic planning sessions for organizations and complete development of corporate plans with key performance indicators and marketing and HR strategies.

Personal Productivity

Emotional Intelligence has been talk of the town for the past decade. Budget allocations human resource developments are immense. IIDT to bridge these gaps to provide a range of branded training programs such as Mastery of Life, Warrior Training for Executive, etc. IIDT also provide customized training modules in Leadership, Delegation, Team Work, Motivation, Presentation Skills, Problem solving and decision making and Time and Task management, etc.